Tracking changes with out contributing

You can use git to keep up with latest changes. (This example uses the setup as described in the manual, and you have not made any changes to the code in app)

  • make a backup of /app/config/database.php (if you already have runned the installer)
  • cd to the dir that holds the /app directory.
  • delete the /app directory
  • git clone git:// app
  • cd into /app
  • git checkout --track -b dev origin/dev
  • git pull, you are now on dev branch and have pulled in latest changes
  • put database.php back in /app/config (if needed)

If you would like to contribute see the section below.

Setting up Git to contribute

The Infinitas code is hosted at To get your own local repo set up so you can contribute to Infinitas follow do as follows:

  • open console and cd to the folder you want the repo to be in.
  • type: "git clone git:// <repo_name>" Note: repo_name is optional and will default to infinitas
  • type: "cd infinitas" and return
  • type: "git checkout --track -b dev origin/dev"

If you now type "git branch" you should have a list of branches, master and dev. dev should have a * next to it indicating that you are on the dev branch. Another way to tell the branch is the path displayed by git will have <branchName> at the end. It looks like:

  • ~/some/path/infinitas <dev> Windows only??

Once you have your local repo set up you can fork the repo in your github account. If you have done this continue reading below.

Now that you have your own fork on github you need to tell git about it, run the following commands:

  • git remote add {yourUserName}{yourUserName}/infinitas

You will now be able to pull updates into your local repo by running the command "git pull" and when you have done some changes and are ready to push them you can type "git push {yourUserName}"

Please also make sure to tell git to ignore changes on the following files before you run / start development. If you have already run infinitas the empty files would have been cleared by cakes cache system so you will need to create them again. The command to run is "git update-index --assume-unchanged <fileName>"

  • */empty
  • config/database.php
  • tmp/cache/blog/empty
  • tmp/cache/cms/empty
  • tmp/cache/core/empty
  • tmp/cache/models/empty
  • tmp/cache/newsletter/empty
  • tmp/cache/persistent/empty
  • tmp/cache/views/empty

If you don't have the development setup (default CakePHP dir structure), you need to change webroot/index.php and also do "git update-index --assume-unchanged webroot/index.php" on the index.php file. Same goes for modified .htaccess files.

If you use a different ide to the ones listed in .gitignore feel free to add yours to the list and push the changes.

When you have pushed some code to your github account you can either send a pull request from git or hop into #infinitas on freenode and type "~pull" and the bot will alert someone to pull the changes into the main repo.

Other Git information

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